2020 SF Optical Leack Tester

2020 Optical Leak Test Systems comply with MIL-STD-883F Method 1014 for conditions C4 & C5
The NorCom 2020 SF provides automated in line, full matrix leak testing in a small footprint format. The system is designed for the testing of hermetically sealed microelectronic and optoelectronic devices. It eliminates the need for helium mass spectroscopy and gross leak bubble testing by utilizing a patented laser interferometer to simultaneously measure gross and fine leaks in hermetic devices. Since the reliability of hermetic electronic packages is dependent on the detection of gross and fine leaks, the NorCom 2020's pinpoint accuracy, repeatability and increased production throughput make the system an essential requirement for hermetic device production. The NorCom 2020 provides quantitative leak test results in the industry standard of cc-atm/second helium. The system is ideal for optoelectronic, semiconductor and PC board-mounted devices for military, aerospace and telecommunication applications.


  • Military Hi-Rel
  • Microelectronics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Microwave
  • PC board-mounted devices

  • Quantitative results measured in cc-atm/second helium
  • One-step calibration and setup
  • Small Footprint
  • Simultaneously tests for fine and gross leaks
  • Tests variety of hermetically sealed devices, including PC board-mounted and pig-tailed packages
  • Provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) for tracking of test results
  • MIL STD approved

  • Reliable and repeatable test results
  • Reduced footprint
  • No helium mass spectroscopy or bubble testing
  • Increases production throughput
  • Improves packaging process control
  • Eliminates back-end production bottlenecks
  • Minimal training required.

    2020-6 SF
    2020-12 SF
    Inspection Specifications:
    Inspection Pallet size:
    5.5" x 4.5" (14cm x 11.4cm)
    12" x 6.25"
    (30.5cm x 16.5cm)
    Max. Number of Devices/Cycle
    1-1000 devices (Package size dependent)
    1300 devices (3.8 mm sq package) (Package Size Dependent)
    Leak Rate Measurement Unit
    cc-atm/sec helium
    Dimensions (LxWxH and weight):
    56” x 36” x 67”, 425lbs (142cm x 91cm x 170cm, 192.8kg)
    Control Console
    28" x 32" x 50", 110 lbs. (70cm x 80cm x 125cm, 45.5kg)
    Test Cell
    42" x 36" x 47", 325lbs (105cm x 90cm x 117.5cm, 147.7kg)
    Power Requirements:
    Domestic Model - Input Power
    115 VAC, 60Hz, 15 amps
    Export Model - Input Power
    220-240 VAC, 50Hz, 8amps
    Air Supply:
    70psi @2cfm, water separator
    Helium Consumption:
    0.9 cubic ft/cycle@50psi
    1.4 cubic ft/cycle@50psi
    Laser Safety Classification:
    CDRH Class 2
    Operating System
    Windows XP®
    MIL STD Approved
    883F, Method 1014