Thermal Shock Chamber
Uniform thermal stress performances

The two-zone thermal shock chambers have been developed to meet major International standards for thermal shock testing.
Achieving uniform thermal stress and outstanding temperature distribution performances, the 100L test area fits for a wide range of applications in the research and development, inspection or production field

Reduced power consumption.

Energy saving is a great matter for us. The TSD chamber integrates many features, such as a refrigeration capacity control, to reduce the power consumption by 30%
Meeting International Standards

The TSD chamber achieves various tests from major international standards such as MIL, IEC, JIS


Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
TSD-100 High temp. exposure: +60 to +200°C [+140 to +392°F]
Low temp. exposure: -65 to 0°C [-85 to +32°F]
W710xH345xD410 / W1100xH1885xD1965

Data Sheet