Thermal Cycle Chamber

Dedicated to a wide range of temperature testing

The Rapid-Rate Thermal Cycle Chamber is ideal for test requiring quick changes in specimen temperature, and covers various applications from JEDEC, IEC standards to screening.
It features new technologies, such as a specimen temperature control function maintaining linear specimen temperature change rates during rapid thermal cycling, and temperature ramp control


Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
TCC-150W -70 to +180°C (-94 to +356°F) W800xH500xD400 / W1000xH1808xD1915
Compatible Test standards

IEC-60749-25 : Semiconductor devices – Temperature cycling

IEC-60068-2-14 Nb : Environmental testing – Change of temperature

IEC-61147-5 : Liquid crystal and solid-state display devices – Environmental, endurance and mechanical test methods

JESD22-A105-B : Solid State Devices, testing quality and reliability – Power and temperature cycling

SAE-J1211 : Automotive components - Recommended environmental practices for electronic equipment design

IPC-9701 : Performance test methods and qualification requirements for surface mount solder attachments

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