High Accelerated Stress Test System
Accurate humidity resistance testing achieved under various control modes

Lately, the demand for highly accelerated stress test has been increasing due to density growth of electric and electronic parts.
The Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber has been primarily developed to conduct bias testing which applies constant voltage and signals. The standard equipment features two control modes: [unsaturated control] and [wet saturated control], while the M-type chamber additionally offers a [wet and dry bulb temperature control] mode.
The M-type chamber conforms to the IEC60068-2-66 standard.
A double stack model allows conducting 2 different tests at the same time, achieving space optimization and time saving.

Model Temperature, humidity and pressure range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
EHS-211(M) +105.0 to +142.9°C [+221 to +289.2°F] / 75 to 100%rh / 0.020 to 0.196MPa (Gauge) W255xH255xD318 / W640xH1483xD850
EHS-211MD W255xH255xD318 / W760xH1795xD1000
EHS-221 (M) W355xH355xD426 / W740xH1553xD1000
EHS-221MD W355xH355xD426 / W860xH1795xD1000
EHS-411 (M) +105.0 to +162.2°C [+221 to +324°F] / 75 to 100%rh / 0.020 to 0.392MPa (Gauge) W255xH255xD318 / W640xH1483xD850
EHS-411MD W255xH255xD318 / W760xH1795xD1000

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