Constant Climate Cabinet

Supports a wide range of temperature and humidity testing needs for laboratories and research facilities

The constant climate cabinet is ideal to fulfill laboratories and research facilities testing needs. The featured PID control temperature and humidity controller offers outstanding precision and automatic control of set temperatures. Within a wide temperature and humidity control range, it sets accurate temperature atmosphere, as well as excellent temperature and humidity uniformity performance. The refrigerant used is guaranteed without Freon to protect the ozone layer. Both the 105L and the 206L types are using single phase power, resulting in lower energy consumption and installation ease.

Model Temp. & humidity range

Inside / Outside

dimensions (mm)


(Ambient temp. +10) to +85ºC

 [+185ºF] / 45 to 95%rh

W500xH600xD390 / W650xH1090xD805

+5 to +85ºC [+41 to +185ºF]

/ 40 to 95%rh


-20 to +85ºC [-4 to +185ºF]

/ 40 to 95%rh

LHU-123 W500xH750xD590 / W650xH1240xD1016

Data Sheet