Constant Climate Cabinet

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Supports a wide range of temperature testing needs for laboratories and research facilities

Thanks to an air-cooled refrigeration system, the LU Constant Climate Cabinet offers a wide temperature range from -20ºC to +85ºC. Its unique BTC system sets a constant and accurate temperature atmosphere. Even during summer, low temperature down to -20ºC is achieved thanks to the excellent insulated structure and the performance of the refrigeration system (using no Freon to protect the ozone layer). Both the 105L and the 206L types are using single phase power, resulting in lower energy consumption and installation ease

Model Temp. range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
LU-113 -20 to +85ºC [-4 to +185ºF] W500×H600×D390 / W650×H1090×D805
LU-123 W500×H750×D590 / W650×H1240×D1016
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