HBE7A series 1.3" ZIF SSD

HB 1.3 ZIF SSDs are a cost-effective alternative compared to hard drives in the UMPC market. Which takes small and lightweight and are based on NAND Flash. Base on SLC nand flash, HB1.3" ZIF netbook SSDs have outstanding reliability and endurance.

- Form factor: 1.3 inch (Half Height 1.8 inch)
- Interface: 40PIN PATA ZIF                                            
- Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 30GB, 60GB
- Cache: 64MB
- Size: 54 x 32 x 3.7mm
- Weight: 10g
- Garbage collection function 
- Max Read Rate: 113MB/sec
- Max Write Rate: 40MB/sec
- 4kb Random Read IOPS: 52,00
- Access Time: 0.1ms
Power Consumption and Environment
- Input voltage: 3.3V±5%
- Idle: <0.05W
- Active: <0.5W
- Operating temperature: 0 to 70°C(Commercial)
                                              -40 to 85°C(Industrial)
- Storage temperature: -50 to 95°C
- High Vibration Endurance: 20G
- MTBF: >1,000,000 hours
- High and Reliable ECC capability up to 18bits/sector
- S.M.A.R.T features optimized for SSD
- Bit error monitoring and managent
- Dynamic and static wear-leveling
- Dynamic bad block management
- SMART commands and additional SSD monitoring
- Support Auto garbage connection