HBE7 series 2.5 inch PATA SSD

HBE7 series 2.5 inch PATA SSD comes with the standard 44PIN IDE interface, it is fully compliant with ATA-7 protocol and support UDMA-6 transfer rate. E7 2.5" IDE interface SSD has a tough outer metal case, enormous capacities, high reliability, low power consumption and anti-shock features that make it ideal to replace Hard Disk Drives.Furthermore, its characteristics of secure erase are obvious which widely used on the field of Industrial and Military.


- Form factor: 2.5 inch
- Interface: 44PIN IDE PATA
- Capacity: 30GB~240GB(MLC type) 16GB~60GB(SLC type)
- Cache: 64MB
- Size: 100 x 70 x 9.5mm
- Weight: <40g
- Garbage collection function
Performance: (Tested 120GB SSD in ATTO)
- Max Read Rate: 120MB/sec
- Max Write Rate: 90MB/sec
- 4kb Random Read IOPS: 52,00
- Access Time: 0.1ms
Power Consumption and Environment
- Input voltage: 3.3V±5%
- Idle: <0.05W
- Active: <0.5W
- Operating temperature: 0 to 70°C(Commercial)
-40 to 85°C(Industrial)
-50 to 95°C(Military)
- Storage temperature: -50 to 95°C
- Shock Endurance: 1,500G
- Vibration Endurance: 20G
- MTBF: >1,000,000 hours
- High and Reliable ECC capability up to 18bits/sector
- S.M.A.R.T features optimized for SSD
- Bit error monitoring and managent
- Dynamic and static wear-leveling
- Dynamic bad block management
- SMART commands and additional SSD monitoring
- Support Auto garbage connection
- Secure Erase