B5250 BGA Rework Station


   -PCB dimension: W50*D50~W450*D400mm 
   -PCB thickness: 0.5~3mm
   -Working table adjustment: ±50mm forward/backward, ±200mm left/right
   -Temperature control: K-type thermocouple, close cycle controlled
   -PCB locating way: Outer or Jig 
   -Bottom heater: infrared: 3000W
   -Nozzle heater: hot air: 1000W
   -Power supply: single-phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 3.5KVA
   -Machine dimension: L800*W700*H450mm
   -Gas supply: 5~8kgf/cm,2.5L/min 
   -Weight: Appox 40kg


   ●quality heating material form high temperature breeze; desoldering and soldering procedures of BGA 
   are precisely controlled;
   ●Removable heating header, easy to operate;
   ● Touch screen interface, PLC control; real-time temperature curve display,able to display two detecting
   curves at the same time; 
   ●6 segments of temperature up (down) and 6 segments constant temperature control, 50 groups of tem-
   perature curve are stored, Cruve analysis can be carried out on the touchscreen;
   ●Able to arrive at three indepent temperature zone,temperature and time can be displayed digitally on the
   touch screen;
   ●Large IR pre-heating from the bottom will heat the PCB evenly to avoid deformation and keep soldering 
   effect;heating board is independent controlled;
   ●The supports for the BGA soldering supporting frame are micro-adjustable to restrain local sinkage;
   ●Powerful cross flow fans cool the lower heating area rapidly;
   ●PCB rack is adjustable for protecting your hands from hot;
   ● Buzz after soldering is finished or desoldering, Hand vacuum pen is adjustable for removing BGA;
   ●Over-heating alarm and protection for the upper hot gas heating header;
   ●With different Ti alloy hot gas nozzles, easy to replace.