AT6350 BGA Rework Station


   -PCB dimension: W20*20~W450*W400mm
   -Workable area:W400*D500mm
   -PCB thickness: 0.5~5mm
   -Applicable chip size: 1*1~70*70mm
   -Placement precision: ±0.01mm
   -PCB locating way: outer or jig
   -Working table adjustment: ±10mm forward/backward, ±10mm left/right
   -Temperature control: K-type thermocouple, close cycle controlled
   -System total power: 8000W
   -Upper heater: 1000W
   -Lower heater: 1000W
   -Power supply: single-phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 8KW
   -Machine dimension: L870*W900*H1730mm
   -Weight: Appox 300kgs


   ●7 electric motors controls all actions; vision system, top heating system and under heating system are
   all controlled by joystick; makes alignment fast;
   ●Heater head and suction nozzle designed 2 in 1; functioned with auto-rotate, auto-align, auto-solder
   and auto-desolder; ally nozzle can be located in 360°;
   ●Three independent heating systems, temperature and time can be displayed digitally on the touch
   screen, able to repair difficultly-reworked BGA; with alarm function in abnormal heating;
   ●Both top and under heater are movable on the IR preheating area to fit for reworking BGA in different
   positions on PCB;
   ●The top heater adopts independent patent design, cooling and heating designed 2 in 1, which makes
   temperature control more accurate;
   ●The bottom heater is consist of 6 pieces of imported light-wave heating tube. With high-temperature
   glass plate, heating can be controlled individually. The traditional temperature control mode of on-off
   control is replaced by analog quantity control, which makes temperature more accurate;
   ● Top heater driven by servo motor; suction nozzle can identify material and mounting height automatically,
   and can control the air pressure within a small range; auto memorize different BGA heating positions and
   alignment positions;
   ●Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom - in and micro-adjustment, equipped with aberration 
   detection device; with auto focus and software operation function,27X optical focus; able to rework BGA sized
   up to 70mm*70mm;
   ●Touch screen interface, PLC control; able to display set temperature curves and five detecting temperature
   curves at the same time; 6 segments of temperature up (down) and 6 segments constant temperature control, more
   than 50000 groups of profile can be stored.; Profile analysis can be carried out on the touch screen;
   ● PCB support holder can be pulled out to fix and block the board; with laser pointer for alignment, easy to fix PCB;
   ● with function of Bar code scanner reading program;
   ● designed with a tray for placing BGA automatically;
   ● Built in vacuum pump; max. vacuum suction up to 80g,which can be micro-adjusted. Suction nozzle can be rotated 
   in    360°;

   ● Visible monitoring system, can view the melting procee of the balls;
   ● Finished the BGA rework process under the nitrogen save through remain the nitrogen joggle in advance, have special
      function for saving nitrogen to save cost.