BGA Rework #E500A

-PCB dimension: W20*D20~W600*D500mm
-PCB thickness: 0.5~4mm
-Placement precision: ±0.02mm
-Working table adjustment: ±10mm forward/backward, ±10mm left/right
-Temperature control: K-type thermocouple, close loop controlled
-PCB locating way: Outer or jig
-Preheater: far infrared, 6000W
-Upper heater: hot air, 1000W
-Lower heater: hot air, 1000W
-Power supply: single-phase 380V, 50/60Hz, 10KW
-Machine dimension: L1350*W800*H1800mm
-Air supply: 5~8kgf/cm, 8L/min
-Weight: Appox. 180kg


●Hot air head and mounting head are designed 2 in 1, and, can store 5,0000 groups of working locations,
with the function of auto soldering and mounting;
●Driven by X and Y axes step motor, operated with rocker bar , micro-movable when approaching the destination;
able to store unlimited data; able to automatically suck BGA for soldering; after that, automatically place BGA to
designated location;
●Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom-in and micro-adjustment, equipped with abbreviation
detection device, auto focus, software operation, 30X optical focus, able to rework BGA sized up to 70mm×70mm;
● Embedded industrial computer, touch screen interface, PLC control, real-time temperature curve display, able to
display set curves and 9 detecting curves at the same time;
●Color LCD monitor;
●Suction nozzle can identify automatically material and mounting height, can constrain the pressure within a small
range of 30~50g;
●Connected with nitrogen outside for nitrogen-protected soldering and desoldering;
●Build-in vacuum pump, 360° rotation in Φ angle; mounting nozzle is micro-adjustable;
●The supports rock can be adjusted to restrain the local sinkage of the BGA soldering area;
●8 segments of temperature up (down) and 8 segments constant temperature control, 5,0000 groups of temperature
curve are stored, connected with computer, unlimited storage of curves; curve analysis can be carried out on the
touch screen, comparing with the history saved curves; with computer communication function, communication software
is attached;
●Three independent heating areas, temperature and time can be displayed digitally on the touch screen, can rework CGA;
●Both upper and lower hot-air heating heads are movable on the IR preheating area to fit for reworking BGA in
different positions on PCB;
●Control independently through external computer, and finish all functions;
●Large IR pre-heating from the bottom will heat the PCB evenly to avoid deformation and keep soldering effect;
heating board is independently controlled;
●Equipped with different alloy hot air nozzles, easy to replace, be able to locate in any angle.